Lausanne Peace Treaty


Gentlemen,  I  don't think it is necessary any  further to compare the principles underlying the Lausanne Peace Treaty with other proposals for peace.  This treaty, is a document declaring that all efforts, prepared over  centuries, and thought to have been accomplished through the SEVRES  Treaty to crush the Turkish nation have been in vain.  It is a diplomatic victory unheard of in the Ottoman history!

M Kemal Atatürk
The Great Speech

Summary of Contents

Final Act of Conference 

List of delegates 
List of instruments drawn up 

I. Treaty of Peace

Part I. Political Clauses  
Preliminary Clause (Article 1)  
Section I

  1. Territorial Clauses (Article 2 to 22)
  2. Special Provisions (Article 23 to 29  

Section II. Nationality (Article 30 to 36)  
Section III. Protection of Minorities (Articles 37 to 45) 

Part II. Financial Clauses

Section I. Ottoman Public Debt (Articles 46 to 57)

Annex. Schedule of pre-war debt  

Section II. Miscellaneous Clauses (Articles 58 to 63) 

 Part III. Economic clauses 

Preliminary Clause (Article 64)  
Section I. Property, Rights and Interests (Article 65 to 72)  
Section II. Contracts, Prescriptions and Judgments (Articles 73 to 81)

Annex I. Life Assurance  
II. Marine Insurance  
III. Fire and other Insurances

Section III. Debts (Articles 84 and 85)  
Section IV. Industrial, Literary and Artistic Property (Articles 86 to 91)  
Section V. Mixed Arbitral Tribunal (Articles 92 to 98)
Section VI. Treaties (Articles 99 and 100) 

Part IV. Communications and Sanitary Questions

Section I. Communications (Articles 101 to 113)
Section II. Sanitary Questions (Articles 114 to 118) 

Part V. Miscellaneous Provisions  

Section I. Prisoners of War (Articles 119 to 123)  
Section II. Graves (Articles 124 to 136)  
Section III. General Provisions (Articles 137 to 143) 

II. Straits Convention  

III. Convention respecting the Thracian frontier 

IV. Convention respecting conditions of Residence and Business and Jurisdiction

Chapter I. Conditions of Residence and Business Preliminary clause (Article 1)

Section I. Entry and Residence (Articles 2 to 7)  
Section II. Fiscal clauses (Articles 8 to 13) 

Chapter II. Jurisdiction (Articles 14 to 18)
Chapter III. Final Provisions (Articles 19 to 20) 

V. Commercial Convention 

Section I. (Articles 1 to 8)

 Annex I. List of articles subject to the coefficient 9  
II. Consumption taxes  
III. Form of certificate of origin

Section II. (Articles 9 to 11)  
Section III. (Articles 12 to 15) 
General Provisions (Articles 16 to 19) 

VI. Convention concerning the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations, signed at Lausanne January 30, 1923

Protocol attached to above relative to the release of able-bodied men. 

VII. Agreement between Greece and Turkey respecting the reciprocal restitution of interned civilians and the exchange of prisoners of war, signed at Lausanne January 30 1923. 

Chapter I. Interned civilians (Articles 1 to 3) 
Chapter II. Prisoners of war (Article 4 and 5) 
Chapter III. Commission for the execution of the agreement (Article 6 and 7) 

VIII. Declaration relating to the Amnesty 
 Protocol attached to the above 

IX. Declaration relating to Moslem properties in Greece  

X. Declaration relating to sanitary matters in Turkey  

XI. Declaration relating to the administration of justice in Turkey 

XII. Protocol relation to certain concessions granted in the Ottoman Empire  

Section I. (Articles 1 to 8) 
Section II. (Articles 9 to 13) 
Declaration attached to the above 

XIII. Protocol relating to the accession of Belgium and Portugal to contain provisions and instruments signed at Lausanne

Declaration by Belgian delegate 
Declaration by Portuguese delegate 

XIV. Protocol relating to the evacuation of the Turkish territory occupied by the British, French and Italian forces

Declaration attached to the above 

XV. Protocol relative to the Karagatch territory and the Islands of Imbrues and Tenedos 

XVI. Protocol relative to the Treaty concluded at Sevres between the principal Allied Powers and Greece on August 10, 1920, concerning the protection of minorities in Greece, and the Treaty concluded on the same day between the same Powers relating to Thrace. 

XVII. Protocol relating to signature by the Serb-Croat-Slovene State

Letters exchanged between Ismet Pasha and sir H. Rumbold respecting the exemption of Allied nationals, who suffered from the Smyrna fire, from the payment of the arrears of temottu tax due for the financial year 1922-1923 
Letter addressed by the delegates of the three inviting Powers to Ismet Pasha in connection with the suppression of Article 70 of the original draft Treaty of Peace (financial operations of the Council of the Ottoman Debt after October 30, 1918) 
Footnote: Copy of draft letter referred to in above document. 
Letters exchanged between Ismet Pasha and Sir H. Rumbold respecting the treatment to be accorded by the Turkish Government to British religious, scholastic and medical establishments and charitable institutions in Turkey 
Letters exchanged between Ismet Pasha and Sir H. Rumbold respecting cabotage. 
Letter addressed by Ismet Pasha to Sir H. Rumbold enclosing copy of letter sent by Ismet Pasha to Sir V. G. Armstrong, Whit worth and Co. and Mossrs. Vickers, Limited; together with copy of acknowledgment sent by Sir. H. Rumbold. 
Letter addressed by the Turkish delegation to the President of the Third Committee in regard to certain railway and port concessions in Turkey 
Convention regarding compensation payable by Greece to Allied nationals.