Chapter III Final Provisions


Article 19

The Contracting Powers reserve the right of declaring, at the time of the coming into force of the present Convention, that its provisions do not apply to all or any of their Dominions enjoying responsible government, or their colonies, protectorates possessions or territories beyond the sea subject to their sovereignty or authority, and in this case Turkey will be released from her obligations under the present Convention to the said Dominions, colonies, protectorates, possessions and territories.

The said Powers may, however, adhere subsequently in the name of every Dominion enjoying responsible government, colony, protectorate, possession or territory in respect of which they have, in accordance with the terms of the present Convention, made a declaration of exclusion.

Article 20

The present Convention is concluded for a period of seven years from its coming into force.

If the Convention is not denounced by one of the High Contracting Parties at least one year before the expiry of the said period, it will remain in force until denounced. Such denunciation will take effected a year after notice of it is give.

In the even of the Convention being denounced by any one of the Contracting Powers other than Turkey, the denunciation will only take effect as between such Power and Turkey.

Turkey will be entitled to denounce the Convention either as regards all the other Contracting Powers, or as regards only one of them; in the latter event, the Convention will remain in force as regards the rest.

Article 21

The present Convention shall be ratified.

The ratification's shall be deposited at Paris as soon as possible.

It shall enter into force in the same way as the Treaty of Peace signed this day.

In faith whereof the above-named Plenipotentiaries have signed the present Convention.

Done at Lausanne, the 24th July, 1923, in a single copy which will be deposited in the archives of the Government of the French Republic, who will transmit a certified copy to each of the Signatory Powers.