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X. Declaration Relating to Sanitary Matters


The Undersigned, acting in virtue of their full powers, declare that the Turkish Government will appoint for a period of five years three European medical specialists as counsellors for the sanitary administration of the frontiers. These medical specialists shall be Turkish officials and shall be attached to the Ministry of Health. They shall be chosen by the said Government from a list of six names, prepared in agreement by the Health Committee of the League of Nations and by the International Bureau of Public Health. Their salary, as well as the other terms of their appointment, shall be settled by agreement between the said Government and the two above-mentioned international organisations.

The Turkish Sanitary Administration shall establish, with the help of the three above-mentioned European counsellors, regulations for the organisation of the sanitary administration of the coasts and frontiers of Turkey. These regulations shall be in accordance with the terms of the International Sanitary Conventions, and, in so far as the Straits are concerned, with the terms of the Straits Convention signed this day.

The yield of the sanitary taxes exacted by the Turkish Administration is all be exclusively applied to the needs of the sanitary administration of Turkey, and shall appear in a special budget, which shall be prepared for this purpose by the Ministry of Health.

Done at Lausanne, the 24th July, 1923.


Dr.Ryza Nour