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VII. Agreement Between Greece and Turkey Respecting the Reciprocal Restitution of Interned Civilians and the Exchange of Prisoners of War


The undersigned Turkish and Greek Plenipotentiaries, acting in accordance with their respective full powers, found in good and due form, have agreed as follows, with a view to ensuring the reciprocal restitution of interned civilians at present detained in Greece and in Turkey, and for the exchange of prisoners of war.


Interned Civilians

Article 1

Turkish hostages and civilian prisoners at present detained in Greece will be repatriated by the Greek Government. The latter will in principle cause persons emanating from Anatolia to be transported to Smyrna and those emanating from Thrace to Constantinople.

The restitution of these persons, who shall be checked on their embarkation in Greece, shall in principle begin seven days after the signature of the present Agreement. The restitution will be completed as follows:

a)Within not more than two weeks, in so far as persons figuring on lists furnished by the Greek Government are concerned.

b)With the least possible delay, in so far as persons who have to be sought and who figure on lists furnished by the Turkish Government are concerned.

Article 2

Greek hostages and civilian prisoners, who may be detained by the Turks, shall be collected at Smyrna or Constantinople by the Turkish Government, in such a manner that their repatriation may take place immediately after that of the Turkish civilian hostages mentioned in paragraph (a) of Article 1, and in such a manner that the repatriation of persons who have to be sought may take place with the least possible delay.

Article 3

The lists of persons to be repatriated, which have been furnished by the Turkish and Greek Governments respectively, shall be completed later.


Prisoners of War

Article 4

As soon as possible after the date on which the Greek Government shall have restored to the Turkish Government the Turkish civilian hostages mentioned in paragraph (a) of Article 1, and within a period not exceeding 15 days from that date, Greece shall restore to Turkey and shall transport to Smyrna simultaneously all the Turkish prisoners of war detained by her.

Turkey shall thereupon restore to Greece an equivalent number of Greek prisoners of war, officer for officer, soldier for soldier. These prisoners of war will be collected by the Turkish Government at such time and in such places, that they may be repatriated on the return voyage of the Greek vessels which brought the Turkish prisoners of war.

The remainder of the Greek prisoners of war shall be repatriated by the Turkish Government immediately after the signature of Peace and within three weeks from the date of that signature.

Article 5

With the object of allaying animosity, the Greek and Turkish amnesty to all prisoners of war and interned civilians detained by them, both those who are awaiting trial or undergoing sentence for crimes or offences against the ordinary law, and those who are awaiting trial or undergoing sentence for offences against discipline; the two Governments agree to repatriate such persons without distinction and irrespective of the completion of their sentence, or of the proceedings pending against them.


Commission for the Execution of this Agreement

Article 6

An International Commission comprising three representatives of the Red Cross Societies, nationals of States not having taken part in the war of 1914-18, and a representative of the Greek and Turkish Governments respectively, shall be entrusted with the task of directing the operations connected with the restitution of the hostages and civilian prisoners and the exchange of prisoners of war, under the conditions prescribed in Chapters I and II above. This Commission shall settle the methods by which these operations shall be effected, and shall supervise the execution thereof. The commission shall be in particular entrusted with the duty of,

a)Receiving from the Greek and Turkish Authorities at the ports of embarkation the hostages and prisoners to be repatriated, verifying their number and identity, effecting the surrender of those hostages and prisoners to the Turkish and Greek Authorities at the points of disembarkment.

b)Settling in accordance with the Greek and Turkish Governments the transport from the points of embarkation of the Turkish and Greek hostages and prisoners to be repatriated. The Greek Government shall furnish with this object the necessary means of maritime transport.

c)Proceeding with the collaboration of the Greek and Turkish Governments and Authorities with all researches and enquires necessary to establish the fate of civilian hostages and of prisoners of war claimed by one or other Government and not handed over.

The Governments concerned undertake to furnish with this object all assistance to the Commission and to grant it all facilities.

Article 7

The expenses of the maintenance and of the work of the Commission shall be borne in equal parts by the Greek and Turkish Governments.

The present Agreement will enter into force at once.

Done in triplicate at Lausanne, the 30th day of January, 1923.

(L.S.) E.K.Veniselos

(L.S.) D.Caclamanos

(L.S.) Ismet

(L.S.) Dr.Ryza Nour

(L.S.) Hassan