Relations between Turkey and San Marino

There are no problems in bilateral relations between Turkey and San Marino. However, it can hardly be said that the level of relations is satisfactory.

Our Consulate-General in Milan was accredited to San Marino until 2005. The "Agreement on Raising Consular Relations to Diplomatic Level" signed in Rome on 11 July 2005 entered into force on 12 October 2005, following the completion of the ratification process. Since then, our Embassy in Rome is accredited to San Marino.

San Marino has not disclosed clear positions as regards to the main foreign policy problems of Turkey. However, it has been observed that San Marino’s approach to these problems coincides with Italy's policy and does not stay outside the general lines of the EU approach.

There has been an increase in bilateral trade between San Marino and Turkey since 2009. The volume of trade between the two countries, which was 967 thousand USD in 2009, has reached 2.56 million USD in 2010 (exports: 1.78 million USD, imports: 780 thousand USD)

When the sectoral distribution of trade between Turkey and San Marino is considered, a significant proportion of Turkey's exports are formed by knitted apparel, textile, machinery and electrical devices. The main import items of Turkey from San Marino are in the form of plastic and rubber materials.