Controversy between Turkey and Armenia about the Events of 1915


•   An Overview

•   The Events of 1915 and the Turkish-Armenian Controversy over History
(Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian, Nederlands)

•   The Armenian Allegation of Genocide: The issue and the facts

•   The Armenian "Genocide" Facts & Figures

•   Armenian Claims and Historical Facts (Questions and Answers)

•   The unofficial translation of the message of The Prime Minister of The Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on the events of 1915, 23 April 2014

Basic Documents:

•   Text of the letter of H.E. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed to H.E. Robert Kocharian, the then President of Armenia, proposing to form a joint historical commission with Armenia (2005)

•   Declaration by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, supporting the Turkish proposal to form a joint historical commission with Armenia (2005)

•   The list of the Turkish diplomats/officials and their family members assassinated by Armenian terrorists

•   Official position of the British Government on Armenian allegations

Excerpts of Speeches/Presentations:

•   Presentation by Prof. Justin McCarthy at the Turkish Grand National Assembly on "The Reality of Armenian Issue" Conference on March 24, 2005

•   Abstract of a talk on the Armenian issue given by Dr. Andrew Mango on March 15, 2001 at a meeting of the Society for the Promotion of Democratic Principles (DIA) in Istanbul

•   Presentation by Prof. Justin McCarthy at the Seminar on Turkish-Armenian Relations organized by the Democratic Principles Association on March 15, 2001

•   Presentation by Ambassador Gündüz Aktan at the House Committee on International Relations on September 14, 2000

•   Statement by Farhan Haq, U.N. Spokesman, on October 5, 2000, and on April 9, 2007 about the Armenian allegations on the UN position regarding the events of 1915

•   Testimony of Prof. Mümtaz Soysal, February 26, 1985

Articles and Book Chapters:

•   Bernard Lewis, “Judgment in Paris” in “Notes on a Century-Reflections of a Middle East Historian” (2012)

•   Hakan Yavuz, “Contours of Scholarship on Armenian –Turkish Relations” in “Middle East Critique” (2011)

•   Edward J. Erickson, “The Armenian Relocations and Ottoman National Security: Military Necessity of Excuse for Genocide?” in “Middle East Critique” (2011)

•   Erman Şahin, book critique of “The Armenian Question Resolved: Policies Toward the Armenians in the War Years according to Ottoman Documents” by Taner Akçam in “Middle East Policy” (2010)

•   Erman Şahin, book critique of “A Shameful Act: the Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility” by Taner Akçam in “Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs” (2008)

•   Yusuf Sarınay, “What Happened in April 24, 1915?: The Circular of April 24, 1915, and the Arrest of Armenian Committee Members in Istanbul” in “International Journal of Turkish Studies” (2008)

•   Guenter Lewy, “The First Genocide of the 20th Century?” in “Commentary” (2005)

•   Gündüz Aktan, “The Armenian Problem and International Law” (2001)