RSS Feed
What is RSS?
RSS is a new content–feeding format that enables contents such as news etc. published by various internet sites to be viewed collectively with a single media. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary. Use of RSS Feeds is becoming more popular day by day.

How Can I Follow?
XML files produced by RSS-supporting websites can be accessed with many programs. These programs, which are XML readers, can be web explorers, e-mail clients, or desktop programs designed to view RSS content only. XML files produced by RSS supported sites can be accessed with many programs. These programs which are XML readers, can be web explorer or e-mail client as well as desktop programs designed to watch only RSS content. Click here for programs and sites on the web to view RSS Feeds.

Since RSS feed is a recognized Standard on internet, getting instant information on any changes saves users time, thanks to many websites and programs using RSS Standard. In other words, instead of a user registered with an e-mail alert system that allows RSS, the service-providing website will keep track of the news within RSS Standard and send an e-mail to the user of any changes. Thanks to this, the user can view simultaneously the websites with RSS feeds just by checking the e-mail inbox.

RSS Feeds Available
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