RSS Feed

What is RSS?
RSS is a new content – feeding format, that enables contents such as news etc.. which are published by various internet sites, can be watched collectively with a single media. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary. Use of RSS Feeds becomes much popular day by day.

How Can I Follow?
XML files produced by RSS supported sites can be accessed with many programs. These programs which are XML readers, can be web explorer or e-mail client as well as desktop programs designed to watch only RSS content. Click here for the programs and sites on web to watch RSS Feeds.

For RSS feed is a recognized Standard on internet, instant information on any changes saves users time thanks to many sites and programs using RSS Standard. In other words, instead of a user registered with an e-mail warning system that allows RSS, the service providing site will follow the news within RSS Standard and sends e-mail to the user when anything develops. Thanks to this, user can be following simultaneously the sites that have RSS sources just by checking e-mail inbox.

RSS Feeds Available
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