Relations between Turkey–Algeria

Turkey and Algeria share common history as well as deep-rooted cultural and brotherly ties. Bilateral relations has gained impetus over the past years. The “Friendship and Cooperation Agreement”, which was signed during the visit of the then Prime Minister Erdoğan to Algeria in 2006, is a strong foundation on which bilateral relations are based. During the visit of President Erdoğan to Algeria in February 2018, various aspects of the bilateral relations were taken up and both sides have reiterated their readiness to further deepen bilateral ties.

Algeria is one of our leading trade partners in Africa. Energy and construction constitute main pillars of economic relations. In the economic field, our bilateral relations have reached a satisfactory level. Turkey has 3.5 billion dollar worth of investments in Algeria, which makes her as one of the top investor countries and the largest foreign supplier of employment in Algeria.

We continue to encourage our businesspersons to invest in Algeria. Turkish construction firms are working inter alia on cultural restoration sites, such as Kechiova Mosque and Casbah neighborhood in the capital. The historical Kechiova Mosque underwent renovation and was re-opened to the public on 9th April 2018.

Based on the Protocol signed between Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center and Algeria-2 University, Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center contributes to our bilateral cultural relations and provides Turkish language courses in Algeria-2 University.

There are parliamentary friendship group between Turkey and Algeria. A delegation led by Ambassador Volkan Bozkır, Head of Foreign Affairs Commission of the Grand Turkish National Assembly paid an official visit to Algeria on 24-27 December 2017 upon the invitation of Si Afif, Head of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Migration Commission of People’s National Assembly of Algeria. Mr. Si Afif in return visited Turkey on 2-5 May 2018 as the head of an Algerian parliamentary group.

Algeria is the largest country in Africa covering an area of 2.381.741 square km and possesses a sizable amount of natural gas and petroleum deposits, which makes it the fourth biggest economy in the region. Apart from that, Algeria is one the most important trade partners for Turkey in the region and holds a critical position in diversifying our energy sources. In this regard, Algeria is Turkey’s fourth natural gas supplier after Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan. Algeria also offers attractive investment opportunities for Turkish companies operating in the food sector.