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Resolution By The Turkish Grand National Assembly On 21 January 1997


The Turkish Grand National Assembly,

Declaring that it adopts and endorses the Joint Declaration signed by the President of the Republic of Turkey H.E. Mr. Süleyman Demirel and the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus H.E. Mr. Rauf R. Denktaş, in Ankara, on 20 January 1997.

Welcoming with appreciation and respect, the address made today by the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus H.E. Mr. Rauf R. Denktaş, to the Plenary Session of the Turkish Grand National Assembly,

Has resolved to announce the following to Turkish and international public opinion:

1. The continuing intensive military build-up by the Greek Cypriot side, pursued with the encouragement and support of Greece, has reached a new dimension with the protocol concerning the deployment of Russian missiles on the Island. It is not possible to tolerate the conduct and behavior of the Greek/Greek Cypriot side, aimed at threatening the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey.

2. The guarantee system established by the 1960 Treaties of Guarantee and of Alliance, continue to remain in full force as hitherto. Any modification of these Treaties directly or indirectly which would upset the existing balance in Cyprus and in the region between Turkey and Greece will not be allowed.

3. The Republic of Turkey will continue to exercise its effective guarantee in Cyprus. Any aggression against the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be considered as an aggression against the Republic of Turkey.

4. The unilateral application of the Greek Cypriot administration for membership in the European Union is contrary to the 1960 Treaties. The realization of such membership will only pave the way to the division of Cyprus and the responsibility will belong to the European Union.

5. The embargo and double standard applied towards the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can in no way be accepted.

6. Turkey will continue to provide the necessary support to overcome the economic problems of the TRNC and to strengthen its economic infrastructure.

7. The Turkish Grand National Assembly believes that the Cyprus issue can be solved not through rearmament efforts and use of force but by respecting the rights of the two peoples living on the Island to establish their own administration through their own true will.

Experience has shown that outside interventions make a solution more difficult.

The world must know the fact that the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Turkish Nation are in full unity on this national cause.