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EU and Cyprus:An Expert View Opinion of Professor M.H. Mendelson Q.C on the Application of “the Republic of Cyprus” to Join the European Union


The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has always made it known that, in accordance with the 1960 international Treaties which established the Republic of Cyprus, and particularly the Treaty of Guarantee of 1960, the Greek Cypriot Administration in the South can not apply for membership of Cyprus in the European Union under the usurped title of the “Republic of Cyprus” and can not become a member of any international organization, economic and political union of which both Turkey and Greece are not members.

A world renowned British professor of International Law, Prof. Maurice Mendelson has prepared a legal Opinion on the so-called application of the ‘Republic of Cyprus’ to join the European Union.

Prof. Mendelson is a British international lawyer of profound academic and professional experience. He has been engaged in various areas of public international law, including, international organizations, international litigation and international adjudication and arbitration. Prof. Mendelson has advised and represented various governments, including the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and Namibia.

In this legal Opinion, Turkish Cypriot views on the subject are confirmed. Professor Mendelson elucidates the fact that the Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus can not become a member of the EU before Turkey and can not even apply to it for membership. He emphasizes that the United Kingdom and Greece, which both have Guarantor status, also have a responsibility to prevent such an application.


August, 1997.

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