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Cyprus a reminder

October 2004

CYPRUS:   a     reminder… 



What Did the Turkish Side Do?

-Took the initiative to re-launch the process of negotiations,
-Truly negotiated, and displayed its will to engage in a give-and-take exercise,
 -Heeded the calls of the international community to accept a solution that
  conforms to the established UN parameters,
 -Approved the Annan Plan, despite the sacrifices it entailed. 

 What Did the Greek Cypriot Side Do?

 -Initially, tried to avoid reactivation of the negotiation exercise before 1 May 2004,
 -Tried hard to stall the negotiations, by filibustering,
 -Demanded its numerous amendments to the Plan be fully met,
 -Strongly campaigned against the Plan and the referendum, applying even
  undemocratic methods,
 -Showed the World that it was not ready to accept a partnership
  within a system envisaged and supported by the UN Security Council,
 -Also showed the World that its main objective was to remain as the ‘sole’
  representative of the Island and join the EU as such. 

 What the World Said and Promised?

 -That what the Greek Cypriots did was wrong,
 -That it was regrettable that the Island could not join the EU as reunified,
 -That the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey were to be commended, as they fulfilled
  their responsibilities towards the international community,
 -That the Turkish Cypriots should no longer suffer from a situation that emerged
  after the referenda since it was no fault of their own,
 -That a fundamentally altered situation in Cyprus had emerged which also
  necessitated a new approach towards the solution of the issue,
 -That nothing further could be expected from Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.  


Embargoes and Restrictions
- At the UN: Due to the hesitations of some members of the Security Council, the UN Secretary-General’s report could not be endorsed. (It is rare, at the UN, that the Security Council avoids giving a positive reaction to a report of the Secretary-General.)

- At the EU: Despite the Commission’s and Council’s strongly worded statements last April, the EU is yet to take a concrete step towards the Turkish Cypriots.   

 The Greek Cypriot Attitude

- Blocking every positive move towards the Turkish Cypriots in the UN and EU,
 -Making proposals that are in fact non applicable, in order to create a smoke-
  screen and  thus divert the attention of the international community from itself to
  the Turkish side,
 -Making additional demands from the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey, as if the
  responsibility of the failure of the settlement process did not solely belong to
  the Greek Cypriots,
 -Giving strong indications that it will use its full membership in the EU to the
  detriment of both Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot Side.

 The Turkish Cypriot  State of Mind

 -Despite the promises, calls and decisions, the World has failed to reach out to the
  Turkish Cypriots,
 -The international community has not held the Greek Cypriots accountable for
  torpedoing the globally supported comprehensive settlement plan,
 -Yet, already there are signs of an expectation from the Turkish Cypriot side to further accommodate the Greek Cypriots,
 -Certain amount of dismay, disappointment and frustration are prevailing in Northern Cyprus. 


-The EU could approve the two Regulations, as submitted by the Commission. The two constitute a package of measures and thus should be approved together.
-The UN Security Council could adopt a resolution endorsing the UN Secretary-General’s call to eliminate restrictions and barriers that have the effect of isolating the Turkish Cypriots. (UNSG’s Report, para.93)
-Bilaterally, the members of the international community should directly extend a helping hand to the Turkish Cypriots, so that they no longer feel isolated.