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Final communique of the annual coordination meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the States members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference ( United Nations, New York 28 September 2004, 14 Shaa'ban 1425 H - para. related to Cyprus)

The Meeting expressed firm support for the rightful cause of the Muslim Turkish Cypriots; reiterated its support for the efforts of the UN Secretary-General under his Mission of Good Offices, and hailing their affirmative vote on 24th April 2004 for the UN Settlement Plan which fundamentally changed the circumstances in Cyprus, decided to put an end within the context of the call made by the UN Secretary-General in his report of 28 May 2004 to the unjust isolation of Turkish Cypriots.  Through resolution 2/31-P adopted by the 31st Session of the ICFM on 16 June 2004, the Meeting welcomed the willingness of the Turkish side for a peaceful settlement of the issue, emphasizing the equal political status of the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot sides.  Recalling that the UN Plan aimed to establish a new state of affairs in Cyprus in the form of a new bi-zonal partnership with two equal constituent states, it acknowledged that neither side may claim authority or jurisdiction over the other, and that the Greek Cypriots do not represent the Turkish Cypriots.  The Meeting urged Member States to closely associate with the Turkish Cypriots with a view to helping them materially and politically and to increase and expand their relations in all fields and, in particular direct transport, trade, tourism, culture, information, investment and sports contacts.  In this context, it also called upon the international community to take immediate concrete steps aimed at ending the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots.