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Greek Cypriot Attempts To Purchase Missiles From Russia And The Resulting Danger For The Peace And Stability In Cyprus

For several years now, The Greek Cypriot Administration has engaged in an armament programme well above its military needs. They have been spending 2 million $ a day which, in per capita terms, is one of the highest in the region. Recently it has become obvious that this frenzy is part and parcel of a "joint defence doctrine" agreed upon between Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration three years ago. Despite heavy criticism around the world and a Resolution on 23 December 1996 by the UN Security Council expressing concern over the introduction of sophisticated weaponry to the Greek Cypriot arsenal, the Greek Cypriot Administration has decided to go ahead with the purchase of a highly developed Russian missile system, which has a range of 150 km, reaching well inside Turkey.

The Greek Cypriot decision has increased tension in the area. Bringing in more weapons and sophisticated missiles is no solution. It only aggravates the already tense situation and has the inherent risk of further escalation.

Here are some reactions to the Greek Cypriot decision to purchase missiles from Russia: