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Press Release Regarding The Recent Developments About Terrorist Chief Abdullah Ocalan (Unofficial Translation) January 17, 1999

1. It has been announced by the Italian government that the terrorist chief was compelled to leave Italy where he had been staying for some time.

2. As a result of Turkey’s determined efforts, the terrorist chief had been forced to leave Syria and prevented from staying in Moscow.

3. The terrorist chief attempted to make Roma a center for terrorism and called for wide support in Europe for separatist terror. These attempts have been rendered fruitless by us. Public in Western Europe finally started to realise the real and ugly face of the terrorist organisation.

4. Turkey, as a state of law, has always approached the issue from the viewpoint of international cooperation against combating terrorism and demanded that the terrorist chief be brought before the justice. Yet, it has been observed that the Italian authorities, unable to find a way out of this issue that they themselves had created, acted in contravention of legal and judicial requirements.

5. Despite Turkey’s insistence that law be applied, Italian authorities, with a unilateral decision, made it possible for the terrorist chief to leave Rome.

6. Turkey will maintain its determined attitude. Terrorist chief will not be able to escape from justice.

7. All steps required by the developments are being taken in coordination with the other government agencies.