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Press Release Regarding the Threats Against the Members of the Turkish Diplomatic Missions In Athens (Unofficial Translation) January 8, 1999

It is observed that the threats against the members of the Turkish Diplomatic missions in Athens are recently being resumed. In this context, the terrorist organization "November 17" has threatened to take action against the personnel of the Turkish General Consulate in Athens.

On the other hand, a manifesto of the organization called "Greek Liberty Front of Captive Homelands" has been published under the heading "the Agents of Ankara will be punished" in an extreme rightist newspaper in Athens. The manifesto referred to Turkish diplomats as targets and called upon the extremist groups to take action against the Turkish Diplomatic Missions in Greece.

It is known that members of some authoritative Greek circles frequently encourage the terrorist groups in Greece through their statements. On the other hand, Greece's support of PKK terrorism finds its expression in the statements of the Greek officials. In such an environment, we remind once more the Greek authorities of their responsibilities, expect them to regard seriously the threats against our Diplomatic Missions and take appropriate measures for the security of the personnel as well as the premises of the Turkish Diplomatic missions in Greece.