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Press Release Regarding The Departure Of Terrorist Chief Abdullah Ocalan From Italy (Unofficial Translation) January 19, 1999

1. During the terrorist chief’s stay in Rome, the Italian government received poor marks in terms of justice and law. It failed to fulfil its obligations under international agreements to combat terrorism, and distorted the judiciary process in Italy by exerting political influence.

2. This being the case, it has been deemed meaningless and unfitting for the Italian Prime Minister to state that “Turkey did not cooperate on the subject of international tribunal”, to display an attitude of not knowing “where” the terrorist chief went, and to claim that “the subject will be examined at international level”.

3. It has finally received wide acceptance, also with the help of the ugliness displayed by the terrorist chief in Italy, that such pursuits which were obviously undertaken under threats and pressure from the terrorist organisation, are devoid of realism and seriousness. Turkey, from the beginning, has followed an open policy based on international law, and demanded that the chief of this known terrorist organisation be brought to justice.

4. At this stage, what is expected of the Italian authorities, is to fulfil their international commitments to combat terrorism, to cooperate with Turkey in this field and not to permit the terrorist organisation and its affiliations to function in Italy.

5. Turkey will maintain its determination to combat terrorism. Terrorist chief, no matter where he may escape, will be held accountable before justice for the crimes he committed in our country.