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Press Statement Regarding The Meetings Which Cover The Relations Between Turkey And The Countries in South Asia, Far East and The Pasific Region January 24,;1999

Within the framework of the studies aiming to develop Turkey’s relations with the countries in South Asia, Far East and the Pacific Region, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize a series of meetings between 25-31 January 1999 on the theme of “Opening to the South Asian, the Far Eastern and the Pasific Region”, which will cover all aspects of Turkey’s relations with the countries of this Region.

In this context, Turkish Ambassadors, who are accredited to Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand and the Representative of the Turkish Trade Office in Taipei, will convene in Ankara to participate in these meetings.

Representatives of the Ministries, other relevant public institutions and the Turkish private sector, as well as the Honorary Consuls of the countries of the Region who are serving in Turkey, will also take part.

Our Ambassadors who will participate in the aforementioned meetings will visit the Ministry of Defence, the Minsitry of Industry and Commerce and the Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade to be briefed on Various aspects of our relations with the countries of the above mentioned Region. They will also travel to the city of Urfa to visit the South Eastern Anatolian Project area.

Turkey enjoys friendly relations with the countries of the Region. We believe that, this background provides a solid basis to enhance our political, economic, commercial, cultural and scientific relations with South Aisa, Far East and the Pacific Region.

The aim of these meetings is to ostain a more comprehensive picture of the Region with the contributions of the concerned Ministries, and public institutions as well as the private sector and to prepare an “Action Plan” which will define the fundamentals of our future cooperation with the countries of the Region.