Relations between Turkey and Montenegro

Turkey recognized the independence of Montenegro on 12 June 2006 and established diplomatic relations with this country on 3 July 2006.

Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Montenegro in accordance with the importance it attaches to the peace and stability in the region and considers Montenegro as a friendly country with whom it has an excellent level of relations.

Turkey strongly supports the efforts of Montenegro whose primary foreign policy goal is integration with Euro-Atlantic structures. Moreover, in close cooperation with Turkey, Montenegro acts in solidarity in regional and international platforms.

High level visits and contacts between the two countries continue intensively and successfully.

Another important factor in relations between Turkey and Montenegro is the existence of the Bosniaks, Montenegrin Muslims and Albanians comprising 17 % of the population of Montenegro. Moreover, existence of these communities of Montenegro also in Turkey, which had immigrated to Turkey at different times, is another potential and motivation for the intensification of our bilateral relations.

On the other hand, Turkish-Montenegrin economic and trade relations show rather low figures. Bilateral trade volume between the two countries was 46 million US Dollars in 2015. Even though Montenegro’s small population and geographical distance put certain limits to improvement of such relations, its natural resources, low tax rates and skilled workforce provide favorable business environment for Turkish investors. Currently 5 Turkish companies operate actively in Montenegro with approximately 26 million US Dollars worth of investment.

Turkey attaches great importance to the educational and cultural relations between the two countries. Since its establishment in 2007, TİKA Office in Montenegro has undertaken various social, cultural and infrastructure projects. Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center also started operating in Podgorica in 2014 offering Turkish courses and cultural activities to Montenegrin people.

Turkey continues to offer scholarships to Montenegrin students who would like to study in Turkey.