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NO:133 - 28 July 2008, Press Release Regarding the Terror Attack in the Iraqi City of Kirkuk on 28 July.

Today, (28 July) more than 20 Iraqi citizens lost their lives and up to 200 people were wounded in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the crowd while a public demonstration was held. We extend our condolences to our Iraqi brothers who lost their lives and we wish well to the wounded in this heinous terror incident.

The provocative actions undertaken following the abovementioned terror attack by certain evil-minded groups that aim to disrupt the multi-ethnic structure of Kirkuk which represents a minor model of Iraq and the recent relative calm established in Iraq caused us real concern.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi security authorities, not allowing the incidents to spin totally out of control, endeavoured to take necessary security measures to counter these actions aiming to derail the reconciliation and dialogue climate that is underway to be adopted by all parties in Kirkuk.

We hope that the people of Kirkuk will act with restraint, responsibility and common sense in the face of these provocative terror incidents which target to harm the peace and the stability of not only Kirkuk, but also Iraq and the entire region.