The Visit of the Delegation Headed by Ambassador Aydemir Erman to Northern Afghanistan No:197 - October 30, 2000

With reference to the Ministry's statement of October 6th, 2000, the delegation, headed by Ambassador Aydemir Erman, Coordinator for Afghanistan has returned home after completing their evaluation of the situation in northern Afghanistan between 12-19 October.

During the visit, the delegation has examined the situation of the camps and the urgent humanitarian needs of the internally displaced persons, who had to leave their homes in Takhar, Baghlan and Kunduz, and gather in the areas close to the border with Tajikistan, due to the Taliban offensive which intensified in July this year. The delegation also consulted with the representatives of the international organizations for humanitarian assistance. Possibilities for contributing to the improvement of the situation of the Afghan IDPs, is currently being considered in consultation with the relevant Turkish authorities.

The delegation has also assessed the situation of hospitals and schools in Badakshan, Kapisa and Takhar and took part in National Immunization Day ceremony and observed the delivery of the equipment and educational material sent from Turkey to the Medical School of Faisabad.

Meanwhile, another Turkish delegation has handed over medical equipment to Afghanistan-Sheberghan Friendship Hospital, in the region controlled by Taliban.

During its visit, the delegation had also talks with Prof. Burhaneddin Rabbani, President of Afghanistan and Ahmed Shah Mesud, Commander of Cemiyet-i Islami and the Leader of Shura-i Nazar as well as other high Afghan officials.

Turkey will continue to contribute to the efforts directed at solving the humanitarian problems caused by the continuing clashes in Afghanistan, within her means. Turkey repeats her call to the international community to increase their efforts in this direction.

Turkey, until today, has repeatedly underlined the need to intensify the efforts of the international community, of the UN in particular, to the restoration of peace in Afghanistan. All relevant parties should play a constructive role in attaining an effective ceasefire in the country. In this regard, Turkey is determined to keep reiterating her calls to the international community and to all relevant parties to adopt a more efficient and constructive attitude to this end.