The Report On The Uniteral Accession Negotiations Of The Greek Cypriot Administration With The European Union No:180 - October 6, 2000

The General Assembly of the European Parliament has adopted on October 4, 2000 the report of rapporteur Poos regarding the unilateral accession negotiations of the Greek Cypriot Administration with the European Union.

Both the report and the motion for a resolution have demonstrated once again the biased and unrealistic approach of the members of the European Parliament to the Cyprus issue, who voted for the resolution.

The Permanent Representative of Turkey to the European Union has reflected our views regarding the resolution in a press statement.

The Government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as well has made its views known through its statement.

We fully share the viewpoint and the position of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The one-sided resolution accepted in the European Parliament will serve to augment the intransigence of the Greek Cypriot side at a time when the proximity talks are under way and will create difficulties for the efforts of the UN Secretary General.