The Clashed Between Israel and Plastine on 12 October 2000 No:185 - October 12, 2000

The lynching of the two Israeli soldiers today in Ramallah and in response to that, the bombardment of Palestinian offices by Israel, is a new stage of the dangerous developments which is contrary to the calls, efforts and expectations of the whole international community including Turkey.

Everyone's expectations were for the easing of tensions and prevailing of common sense. But then, the lynching and bombardment incidents are very saddening and has created bleak and hope shattering situation for the future of the peace process.

We call on Israel to stop the military operation, to avoid escalation, which will create very grave consequences for the region.

Our views and concerns were conveyed to the officials of the Embassies of Israel, Palestine and USA, who were invited to our Ministry.

We fully support all the efforts, including the efforts of the UN General Secretary, to bring the situation under control and expect the international community to mobilize all their means in this regard.