The Latest Developments In The Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia (Unofficial Translation) No:181 - October 6, 2000

By the statement of the Ministry dated 29 September 2000, it was stated that the 24 September elections held in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) constitutes a historical landmark which apparently displays the Yugoslav people's aspiration for democratic change.

During the days following the elections efforts to resist the will of the Yugoslav people have resulted in failure and, with a popular uprising in Belgrade, a historical transformation was achieved yesterday. Consequently, the rule of the country was gained by the elected President Kostunica.

We hope that this democratic movement of the Yugoslav people will result in peace, without causing violence.

A new era opened up in the history of Yugoslavia, and an anti-democratic regime was left behind. The new FRY administration has shouldered in that sense an important responsibility to carry their country to its rightful place within the international community. In return to the improvements that will be achieved by the FRY, the lifting of the international sanctions as well as economic and political assistance to the FRY are also on the agenda. Turkey, supporting this approach that will contribute to the restoration of stability in the Balkans, will also endeavor to develop her bilateral relations with the FRY in this new era.