The Conclusion of the Summit Held in Sharm El Sheikh No:189 - October 17, 2000

Turkey welcomes the conclusion of the Summit, which was held in the city of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt with a view to put an end to the conflicts which have continued since 28th September and resulted in losses of many lives, with an agreement on certain subjects.

We consider the results of the Summit a step in the right direction towards getting away from the conflict and tension atmosphere, restoration of calm and search for a durable peace.

We believe that, the prompt implementation of the  agreements reached at the summit is vital, and we express our hope that the parties return to the negotiation table immediately and reach a final agreement by demonstrating the necessary goodwill and determination.

The tragic events that took place recently demonstrated once again how emergent and vital the achievement of a durable peace through negotiations is. In this respect, we want to stress that the parties should demonstrate maximum alertness against the provocations of the enemies of peace.