Relations between Turkey and Dominica

Relations between Turkey and the Commonwealth of Dominica have been limited due to geographical distance and different foreign policy priorities of both countries. However, within the scope of the outreach policy of our country towards Latin America and the Caribbean region, which gained momentum in recent years, increasing attention has been focused to the region, following the opening of new Embassies in the region, development and technical cooperation projects started via the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and increased institutional relations with regional organizations have contributed to the development of our bilateral relations with the Commonwealth of Dominica as well as the other regional countries.

The Joint Declaration regarding the formation of diplomatic relations between Dominica and the Republic of Turkey was signed by the UN Representatives of both countries in April 2006 in New York. The Embassy of Turkey in Santo Domingo is accredited to the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Turkey and the Commonwealth of Dominica, particularly for candidacy to the UN and its subsidiary bodies, they support each other's candidacy in international forums to the extent possible.

Tropical Storm Erika caused considerable damage to the country in 2015. Turkey provided aid in the amount of 40.000 USD.

The trade volume between the two countries was approximately 1,6 million USD (Turkey’s exports: 1,6 million USD, Turkey’s imports: 8 thousand USD) by the end of 2019.