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NO:107 - 18 July 2007, Press Release Regarding the Attack to the Turkish Convoy in Afghanistan (Unofficial Translation)


A convoy of three vehicles carrying Mr. Hakan Abacı, a Turkish diplomat who is the Civilian Coordinator of the Turkish Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Wardak, Afghanistan, which was established to contribute to the economic development and reconstruction of the province, was targeted by a suicide attack today while heading for Wardak on the Kabul-Wardak road on the Company Bridge at 07:45 hours local time.

The attack was perpetrated while the convoy was driving on the road temporarily built on the site of the bridge which was destroyed as a result of recent floods. A suicide bomber running towards the armoured car in the middle of the convoy detonated the bombs attached to his body next to the car after having attempted to open one of the locked doors in vain. In the immediate aftermath, our convoy came under cross-fire. Taliban has claimed the responsibility of this terrorist attack.

Owing to the professional, timely and even-tempered retaliation of the Special Operation Teams from the Directorate General of Security, protecting the convoy, terrorists fled away.

During the exchange of fire, one of our police officers, Mr. Erol Sarıca, suffered a foot injury and was transferred via helicopter dispatched by the Turkish Task Force Command in Afghanistan to “Camp Doğan” Headquarters for medical treatment. Following the first aid in Camp Doğan, he was transferred to a hospital in the Kabul Regional Command. He is now in a stable condition. No death or other injury was suffered.

During all her contacts at multilateral, regional and bilateral levels, Turkey has been stressing in the strongest terms that terrorism should be condemned regardless of its sources and pretexts, and be considered a crime against humanity. Turkey has always underlined the vital importance of effective international cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Turkey, who adamantly continues her contributions to the maintenance of security and stability as well as the economic development and reconstruction of brotherly and friendly Afghanistan, strongly condemns this heinous terrorist attack.

As a matter of fact, Turkey had pursued to build a new bridge on the site of the destroyed old bridge where the attack took place. Turkey is determined to continue her contributions to the stability and security as well as the social and economic development of Afghanistan.