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NO:103 - 7 July 2007, Press Release Regarding the a Terrorist Attack in Tuzhurmatu;(Unofficial Translation)


Today, we were sadly informed that, according to initial data, 110 people, mostly women and children were killed, and more than 170 people were wounded in a terrorist attack by a truck loaded with explosives, in a market place in Emirli village in Tuzhurmatu where most of the local population is of Turkoman origin. We strongly condemn the terror attack and wish that these violent events will come to an end.

Our country will continue to support the efforts to establish national harmony and peace in Iraq without discriminating any religious, sectarian or ethnic Iraqi group.

Our country has taken all necessary measures to provide every assistance, including treatment facilities in Turkey to the Turkomans who were wounded in this despicable attack and who could not get any treatment due to the current conditions in Iraq.

We extend our condolences to the relatives of Turkomans who lost their lives in the abhorrent attack as well as to the Iraqi people and the Government.