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NO:106 - 16 July 2007, Press Statement Regarding the “Presidential Election” in Nagorno Karabagh; (Unofficial Translation)


We learned that so-called “Presidential Election” in the Armenian occupied Nagorno Karabagh region of Azerbaijan, is to be held on 19th July 2007, subsequent to the “Constitutional Referendum” held in the same region in a similar vein on 10th December 2006, in contravention to international law and disregarding the will of the international community.

This election is viewed as part of the efforts to unilaterally legitimize the unlawful situation in Nagorno Karabagh, and is an explicit violation of the principles of international law, UN Security Council Resolutions and the OSCE principles.

The Nagorno Karabagh conflict constitutes the most important impediment for establishing peace, stability and cooperation in the South Caucasus and it prevents the creation of an environment conducive to good neighbourliness and cooperation among the countries in the region. At a time when the negotiations are pursued within the OSCE Minsk Process to reach a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno Karabagh conflict and the Azerbaijani-Armenian dispute, organizing a “Presidential Election” in the occupied Nagorno Karabagh region obviously constitutes an initiative that challenges the efforts geared towards a peaceful resolution.

With these considerations, Turkey denounces this renewed effort of Armenia to violate Azerbaijan’s political unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity; and will not recognize the outcome of such illegitimate “Presidential Elections” that would have no binding effect whatsoever under international law.