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NO:100 - 2 July 2007, Press Release Regarding the Attempted Terrorist Attack on 29 June 2007 in London


The attempted terrorist attack which failed after explosive mechanisms were defused in two cars on 29 June 2007 in London, and the terrorist attack conducted against Glasgow Airport on 30 June 2007 remind us once again that terrorism is the most primordial international threat.

Our country that has been fighting against PKK terrorism stresses in all its international, regional and bilateral contacts that, regardless of its roots, causes and alleged motives, terrorism cannot have any justification and should be condemned unreservedly. Turkey describes terrorism as a violation of the most fundamental human right, that is the right to life.

We believe that combating the scourge of terrorism which threatens international peace and security entails a unified, determined and coordinated response. We underline once again that Turkey is in solidarity with the British Government and the British people, and condemn these attempts in the strongest terms.