NO:154 - 19 August 2008, Press Release Regarding the Resignation of the President of Pakistan H.E. Pervez Musharraf (Unofficial Translation)

H.E. Pervez Musharraf, the President of brotherly Pakistan, has announced yesterday (18 August) to the Pakistani and world public his decision to resign. 

President Musharraf, who led Pakistan in a difficult turbulence-laden period in international politics, has demonstrated a sincere effort worthy of commendation to contribute to international peace, security and regional security and stability during his tenure. President Musharraf, by adhering to his commitments towards transition to democracy, has also played a determining role in the smooth proceeding of the general elections. Turkey, as other members of the international community, will remember these contributions of President Musharraf with admiration.

Turkey and Pakistan are attached to each other by historical bonds of brotherhood. All leaders of Pakistan have been close friends of Turkey. In the same vein, President Musharraf has also established close and friendly relations with his counterparts in Turkey and the Turkish people. In this framework, the valuable contributions of President Musharraf to Turkish-Pakistani relations will also be remembered with appreciation.

Turkey does not dissociate the peace, stability and prosperity of Pakistan from its own, and will invariably stand by this country - with which Turkey enjoys a special relationship - in her efforts to strengthen her democracy and consolidate her stability.

Turkey, which embraces the whole Pakistani people and all the political segments with the same fraternal sentiments, candidly desires that, at this juncture, the understanding of national unity and social reconciliation prevails in Pakistan.