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The Turkey´s Membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group(Unoffical Translation) No:114 - June 26, 2000

In view of her geographical proximity to regions where there is a high risk of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, Turkey attaches special importance and priority to join the existing international treaties, arrangements and export control regimes pertaining to non-proliferation.

Turkey's membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), which was founded in 1975 by a group of countries on a voluntary basis sharing the goal of non- proliferation of nuclear weapons, was endorsed at the meeting of the NSG in Vienna on 20 April 2000. The NSG currently has 38 members, the majority of which are European countries.

Following the completion of the necessary membership procedures in May 2000, Turkey attended the NSG General Assembly and its Working Group meetings held in Paris on 19-23 June 2000 by a delegation composed of representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish Atomic Energy Authority.

NSG aims to prevent the diversion of peaceful nuclear trade into production and proliferation of nuclear weapons and explosives, without hindering international trade and cooperation in the field of nuclear technology. Within this framework, it seeks to control the export of nuclear-related material, equipment and technologies on the basis of export control lists.

Turkey's membership to the NSG once again confirms on the international platform the significance Turkey attaches to the prevention of proliferation. It is also a concrete evidence of Turkey's unwavering policy of supporting all international efforts to achieve the objectives of non-proliferation. Furthermore, Turkey's membership in the NSG will help to facilitate the transfer of nuclear technology for peaceful use to our country.