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The Ambassador Of Colombia Accredited To Ankara No:105 - June 21, 2000

Ambassador of Colombia in Vienna Hector Charry Samper, who is also accredited to Ankara, paid a visit to Turkey between 19-21 June 2000. Ambassador Samper was received by the President on 20 June and presented his letter of credence.

Colombia is an important country of Latin America and the Andean Union with its 38 million population, a GNP of 200 billion USD, some 5200 USD of GNP per capita and a volume of trade of about 30 billion USD.

In order to put an end to internal problems that Colombia has been facing for years, "the Colombia Plan" -under the orientation of the USA- was put into force this year. The plan envisages a total of 7 billion USD of spending, to which Colombia and the USA will contribute 1,5 billion each and the European governments 4 billion USD, in order to strengthen public order and security and integrate Colombian economy to the world markets.

Turkey and Colombia plan to open embassies in each other's countries. During the visit of Ambassador Charry Samper, detailed talks on Turkey's Latin American policy and bilateral relations with Colombia have been carried out and the continuation of these contacts in the future, along concrete lines, is projected.

Furthermore, Colombia is currently a member of the UN Security Council and it will undertake the Presidency of the Council indue course. On the occasion of Ambassador Charry's visit, detailed information on our basic views on the Cyprus issue -Security Council's latest decision on the extension of the mandate of the UN peace keeping forces- as well as TRNC's confederation proposal and proximity talks were presented and their submission to the relevant authorities in Colombia was requested.