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Statement By President Denktaş In Response To The Call Made By Greek Cypriot Leader Clerides For Turkish Cypriot Participation In EU Membership Talks 14 March 1998

The call made by Mr. Clerides is aimed at having the "Turkish Cypriot Community" send representatives to join the "Cyprus Delegation" that will be conducting "accession negotiations" with the EU. He has made this call on behalf of the so-called "Government of Cyprus" at the London Conference in which he has participated as the so-called "President of Cyprus" and as part of his policy of securing the EU membership of "Cyprus", totally without our knowledge, and in spite of all our legal and other objections.

We do not accept the existence of such a delegation as "the Cyprus delegation". The said delegation is entirely a Greek Cypriot delegation. Its pretence to represent the whole of Cyprus is false. For the past 35 years, there has not been a government in Cyprus representing both peoples of the island. Therefore, Mr. Clerides has no right or competence to take part in the said conference on behalf of "Cyprus" and to extend such an invitation to us.

What is needed in Cyprus, above all, is a mutually acceptable political solution based on the sovereign equality of the two sides. The efforts to further the EU membership process prior to a solution through such insincere and legally baseless calls made by the Greek Cypriot administration, will serve no other purpose than deepening the division in Cyprus. Some EU member countries, such as France, have seen this reality.

The Greek Cypriot application for EU membership, which is in contravention of the international agreements on Cyprus, has been lodged with the aim of blocking the way to reconciliation in Cyprus. This unilateral application is in no way binding on us.