NO:141 - 08 August 2008, Press Release Regarding the Armed Clashes in South Ossetia
We follow with concern the events which have started yesterday afternoon and led to wide-scale armed clashes this morning between Georgians and South Ossetians. The clashes which have already caused many causalities and fatalities are still continuing. We understand that the situation in the region remains grave and serious.

Turkey is of the opinion that the conflicts in Georgia, a neighboring country with which it maintains friendly relations, should be resolved through peaceful means. We are expressing these views both bilaterally and at the international fora.

In this regard, Turkey believes that the sides should refrain from further steps that could lead to new tensions. This conflict situation which could threaten regional peace and security should be overcome through restraint, common sense and dialogue. Turkey calls on the sides to end clashes and military actions and to engage in direct talks.