NO:114 - 14 August 2007, the 60th Anniversary of the Independence;of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its independence we congratulate the brotherly country of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 

There are centuries-old deep-rooted historic bonds between the peoples of Turkey and Pakistan. Turkish and Pakistani peoples have always supported each other not only through the good times, but also during difficult times. The support of our brothers in the Sub-Continent with extraordinary sacrifices during our War of Liberation still remains fresh in the memories of the Turkish people. Today, the strong solidarity and common sentiments between the two peoples continue unabated.

We are determined to develop our bilateral relations and cooperation in every field on the path opened by the great leaders of the two nations, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Muhammed Ali Cinnah. The two countries whose foreign policies put special emphasis on peace and stability, also act in solidarity in the international arena.

 Pakistan is in a key position in its region. We stand ready to lend every support to Pakistan in its endeavors to fulfill, with determination and high consideration,  the responsibilities imposed on her by history and geography. We especially follow with appreciation Pakistan’s struggle that is carried out with much sacrifice against terrorism and extremism. Having suffered herself for years from terrorism, Turkey will always stand by Pakistan resolutely in this struggle. The well-being of Pakistan is important not only for the peace and stability in the region but also for the global peace and security.

  Turkey will continue to deepen and diversify its cooperation with Pakistan in every field in the future. We see it as a brotherly duty to stand by Pakistan. The friendship and solidarity between our peoples will continue forever.