NO:115 - 14 August 2007, Press Release Regarding the Humanitarian Aid to Iraq (Unofficial Translation)


In order to help meet the basic needs of Iraqi people, who live under severe conditions in several parts of the country, primarily in Kirkuk (Emirli), Mousul and Telafer, urgent humanitarian aid is being sent to Iraq by Turkish Red Crescent, with the support of our Government. On August 14, 2007, a Red Crescent convoy consisting of 16 lorries and carrying 1 million YTL-worth of medicine, food, flour, drinking water and tent, is dispatched to Iraq.

This current relief effort adds a new ring to the chain of humanitarian aid we annually provide to Iraq since 2003. In order to alleviate the difficulties that Iraqi people face, Turkey, in cooperation with Iraqi Red Crescent, allocates food and medicine aid, worth around 1 million USD to this country each year. Turkish nation also supports these efforts and civil society organizations in addition to the Red Crescent, continuously carry out similar relief activities.

Turkey contributes to the efforts for bringing an end to sufferings in all parts of the world, to the possible extent. Our neighbours and region constitute primary concern in the framework of these efforts. In this context, this new dispatch of humanitarian aid to Iraq, once more demonstrates the will of Turkey in delivering humanitarian aid to those who are in need, regardless of the circumstances.