NO:119 -;23 August 2007, Press Release Regarding The New Law Amending the Law on Migration in Federal Germany;(Unofficial Translation)


The new law amending the Law on Migration in Federal Germany is promulgated by the President of the Federal Germany on August 21, 2007.

As is known, the Law in question introduces provisions which are not compatible with universal values such as human rights and protection of the unity of family; discriminatory against our citizens and in contradiction with the principle of equality. Among these provisions, the most striking is the obligation to learn German and verify knowledge of German through a test in their respective countries prior to migrating Germany for family unification. It will be recalled that our expectation from German authorities to discontinue this practice was expressed in our Statement of June 28, 2007.

As such contradictions were also raised by our citizens in Germany and some reputable German politicians, lawyers and NGOs, the total disregard of these warnings and our various demarches caused disappointment. Necessary support and assistance will be provided to our citizens on these issues.

We attach particular importance to the integration efforts of our citizens into host countries. Such unfavorable developments and backward steps are not contributing to the integration efforts of our citizens as well.

We believe that, our citizens can attain their rights by resorting to judicial ways and means, initially in Germany and, in case a favorable result is not obtained, through international law.