NO:118 -;17 August 2007, Press Release Regarding the Devastating Earthquake in Peru; (Unofficial Translation)


We express our deep sorrow for the devastating earthquake, which has resulted in heavy human and material loss in Peru on 15 August 2007. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Abdullah Gül has extended his condolonces and expressed the great sorrow felt by Turkish nation to his Peruvian counterpart. The Turkish Ambassador in Santiago de Chile, who is also accredited to Peru, is also in touch with the authorities in Lima.

Taking into account the importance of the worldwide cooperation demonstrated during the disastrous earthquakes occured in Turkey in the past, our Government expressed its readiness to provide every kind of assistance to the Peruvian nation, with a view to alleviating heavy loss caused by the earthquake.

Following the disaster, the Ministry has been closely monitoring the situation on the ground and taking the necessary steps for the timely transportation of the assistance material to the region, in case of any demand.