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Message by H.E. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, on the Occasion of Europe Day, 9 May 2018

68 years have passed since the Schuman Declaration laid the foundations of European integration on 9 May 1950.

Turkey is a European country geographically and historically, and has contributed to the security, stability and prosperity of the continent. Our country, which is also institutionally part of Europe, continues to make the necessary efforts towards full membership to the EU.

However, in recent years we have unfortunately observed that the EU is drifting away from its own founding values. Extremist trends such as discrimination, xenophobia and Islamaphobia erode the "unity in diversity" culture of the EU, and brings into question the efficiency and credibility of the EU in the international arena where the EU strives to become a global power. This causes disappointment and concerns in the wider Europe which shares common values with the EU. Similarly, we are concerned by the EU's tendency of placing the interests of its members before the rule of law under the guise of solidarity.

It is possible for the EU to correct these contradictions only if it distances itself from discrimination and populism while returning to the unifying and inclusive approach that lies at the heart of the Union.

So far, enlargement has been the EU's single most successful policy for spreading its founding values. It is vital that the EU continues this policy in the period ahead.

Turkey, as a candidate country, is hoping that the EU overcomes the challenges it is faced with. In this context, Turkey is open to all ideas of sincere and meaningful cooperation with the EU in line with our common interests.​