Commercial and Economic Relations between Türkiye and Austria

In 2021 the overall volume of trade between Türkiye and Austria reached 3 billion 350 million USD (Turkish exports 1,52 billion US Dollars; imports 1,83 billion US Dollars).

Main items of Türkiye’s exports to Austria are automobiles, passenger cars and other motor vehicles manufactured to carry people, fruit and canned, magnesite, melted burnt magnesia, whilst main items of Türkiye’s imports from Austria are artificial staple fibers, water turbines, impellers and regulators, human and animal blood, serum, vaccine, toxin etc.

In the period of 2005-2021/November, total amount of direct investments from Austria to Türkiye has been 10 billion 753 million USD vs. 643 million USD from Türkiye to Austria.

The number of Austrian tourists visiting our country until November in 2021 increased significantly compared to 2020 and reached 256.685 people.