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NO:75 - 16 May 2007, Press Release Regarding the Ongoing Infighting Between the Palestinian Factions. (Unofficial Translation)


We are deeply concerned with the ongoing infighting between the Palestinian factions.

In view of the painful experiences of the recent past, we believe that acts that may harm the unity and harmony of the Palestinian people must be avoided.

In this Framework, Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Abdullah Gül, today called Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestinian National Authority and Mr. Ismael Haneye, Prime Minister of Palestinian National Authority, and expressed our regrets and concerns over the said events. Mr. Gül emphasized the importance of maintaining solidarity in Palestine and pointed out to the need for all Palestinian groups to act with self-restraint. He expressed Turkey’s readiness to do its best in bringing an end to the shed of fraternal blood in Palestine, in maintaining the unity and harmony of the Palestinian people, as well as in assuring the continuation of the functions of the National Unity Government.