The Statement Made by Mr.Sermet Atacanlı, Deputy Spokesperson of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to a question on the Resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Turkey-EU Relations on 6 October 1999. October 7, 1999

The resolution concerning Turkey-EU Relations adopted by the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg on 6 October 1999 has been examined.

While the said resolution shows that the EP has not, as yet, been able to thoroughly assess the recent positive developments in Turkey and Turkish sensitivities, when compared with previously adopted resolutions, it does contain some relatively positive aspects.

The resolution states also that "Turkey's membership will be an important contribution to the future development of the European Union and to the peace and stability of Europe". We hope that from now on, our relations with the EP and also with the other institutions of the EU will develop in line with this observation.

Meanwhile, the constructive approach towards Turkey displayed by both Mr.Verheugen, the EU Commissioner responsible for enlargement and Mr.Sasi, Minister of Foreign Trade and European Affairs of Finland for the presidency, in their presentations at the EP have been welcomed.