Press Release Regarding the Nikiforos Military Exercise Held Jointly by Greece and Greek-Cypriot Administration October 4, 1999

The Greek Cypriot Administration and Greece have begun the yearly joint "Nikiforos" military exercise on 2 October 1999. This is a development raising concern for the security and stability of Cyprus as well as the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Greek - Greek Cypriot joint military exercise which will be held until 7 October with the participation of military aircraft and warships from Greece, is in full contradiction with the attempts to establish a favorable atmosphere in Cyprus. The exercise which includes offensive scenarios justifies the security and confidence concerns of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We hope that the international community will duly assess this adverse and provocative act.

In the face of military preparations that directly threaten the security of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and that of Turkey, it is natural that Turkey will undertake all the necessary measures.