Answer to a Question Regarding the Loizidou Case October 13, 1999


We support the statement made by TRNC which is the direct party to the issue.

Turkey has, by voting against it, in fact shown that she does not agree with the interim resolution regarding the Loizidou case adopted by the Committee of the Delegates of the Council of Europe.

Turkey always implemented the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights pertaining to her with no exception even when she did not concur with the substance of the judgment. However, the Loizidou case is “exceptional in nature” as even pointed out by the Resolution of the Court and requires an exceptional treatment. We would hope that the Committee of Delegates as a political organ understand this unique nature of the case.

However, the Committee has considered the Loizidou application as mere lawsuit of property claims and disregarded the fact that the issue of the case is an integral part of the Cyprus problem.

As the UN Secretary General pointed out in his las report on his good-offices mission, the settlement of the reciprocal property claims is one of the core dimensions of the Cyprus issue. The settlement of the Lizidou case and other similar claims will only be possible through an overall settlement to the Cyprus problem. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has taken an important step in this direction and proposed to solve this issue through the exchange of properties and compensation and to this end proposed the establishment of a joint claims commission. We continue to believe that this is the most feasible and realistic framework for the finalization of the Lizidou and other cases.