Relations between Turkey and Serbia

Relations between Turkey and Serbia have reached the highest level in the last years throughout the history of both countries in line with the “strategic partnership” objective. Despite the fact that Turkey and Serbia have no common border, both countries consider each other as neighbours. This represents the confirmation of the shared importance attached to bilateral relations.

Considerable progress has been achieved in the context of bilateral relations as well as in the Turkey-Serbia-Bosnia-Herzegovina trilateral mechanism led by Turkey. This cooperation, which has been closely followed by the international community, constitutes a precedent for relations between regional countries.

Recently, main items in the agenda of the bilateral relations such as Free Trade Agreement, Agreement on the Infrastructure Cooperation, mutual abolition of visas, and launching of TIKA’s activities in Serbia were all finalized during the reciprocal high level visits of Presidents, Speakers of Parliament, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of both countries.

Sancak region, where Bosnians having many relatives in Turkey live, is viewed as “a bridge of friendship” by both countries. The region plays an important role in the context of bilateral relations.

Both Turkey and Serbia endeavour to reflect their developing political relations to other areas, particularly economic and commercial fields in the future.