Relations between Turkey and Cameroon

President Paul Biya's visit to Turkey on 25-28 March 2013, as the very first one by a Cameroonian President, gave a special impetus and depth to our bilateral relations. As a result of the accelerated rapprochement that this visit created in our bilateral relations, interest in the Cameroonian public towards Turkey has significantly increased. In recent years, various cooperation agreements have been signed between the two countries, and efforts have been pursued to complete the legal framework of our relations.

As a result of developing relations, contacts and visits between the two countries are increasing.

The most recent visits from Cameroon to our country were made by Minister of Defense Joseph Beti Assomo and former Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Zacharie Perevet on 28-21 January 2018 and 20-22 February 2018 respectively.

In line with President Paul Biya’s objective to turn his country into an emerging economy by 2035, significant infrastructure and transformational projects and initiatives have been launched in Cameroon, and Turkish companies’ interest in and contribution to this process has increased steadily.

Through Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkey is providing development assistance to Cameroon in various domains.

According to the 2019 annual data, the exports of our country to Cameroon amount to 151 million USD and our imports from Cameroon are around 54 million US Dollars with a bilateral trade volume of almost 205 million USD. This amount does not include the luggage trade, which is carried out by Cameroonian citizens through Turkish Airlines flights. (Routine delays and high customs duties at Douala Port make luggage trade more attractive for Cameroonians.)

THY has regular flights to Yaounde (connecting Douala) every day of the week.

Turkish Maarif Foundation has schools in Cameroon.

Since 1992, many Cameroonian students have benefited from the Türkiye Scholarships.