Asia Anew Initiative

As the western-most country of Asia, and the eastern-most country of Europe, Türkiye’s relations with Asia has always been a key component of her multidimensional foreign policy. Based on her unique geographical position and deep-rooted historical and cultural ties with Asia, Türkiye announced the “Asia Anew Initiative” in August 2019, to introduce a new vision into her policies towards the continent from a comprehensive and holistic perspective.

Türkiye’s relations with Asian countries have seen a rising trend over the past decade. Having 5th largest diplomatic network globally, Türkiye is represented by 54 diplomatic and consular missions in countries under “Asia Anew Initiative”, including all 10 ASEAN countries.

The “Asia Anew Initiative” aims at capitalizing on potential opportunities of cooperation with Asian countries, commensurate with evolving circumstances and needs. The initiative focuses on further improving Türkiye’s relations with these countries through regional, sub-regional and country-specific approaches, based on common interests and objectives.

The “Asia Anew Initiative” prioritizes economic and trade cooperation with Asian partners. Connectivity, logistics and transport along with defense industry, construction, logistics, green energy, digital technologies, finance, cultural exchanges are main areas where mutually beneficial partnerships can be developed as part of Türkiye’s new Asia outreach.

As for the implementation, several inter-agency mechanisms have been set up to enhance coordination among all relevant stakeholders. Additionally, a list of actions to be implemented with the Asia Anew countries have been prepared and have already been put into action. The list serves as a living guideline to enhance bilateral relations to be adapted to the changing conditions and requirements of Asian partners as needed.

Türkiye is determined to pursue the goals of the “Asia Anew Initiative” also through active participation in multilateral regional platforms, bearing in mind that regional issues require primarily regional responses for sustainable and applicable solutions.

Türkiye has been chairing the Asian Parliamentary Assembly since 2017. She has also chaired the Asia Cooperation Dialogue for the years 2019-2021, Economic Cooperation Organization between 2019 and 2021, as well as the D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation for 2017 and 2021.