QA:9;- 13 February 2007, Statement of the Spoksman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in Response to a Question (Unofficial Translation)


Question: Has the Ministry been following up on the law regarding to the well-known Armenian allegations that the Argentine Parliament has enacted recently? 

Answer:  Yes, a law entitled “Action Day for Tolerance and Respect Among Peoples,  in the Memory of the Armenian Genocide” was enacted  on 11 January 2007 in Argentina.

We think this law is flawed and contradictory to the ethical norms as   it represents a one-sided judgment of the Parliament, on an issue which should be handled and studied by the historians. Turkey’s expectation is for the Argentine Government to perceive this reality and to explore the possible ways of clarifying this situation.

Our Ambassador to Buenos Aires, Mr. Hayri Hayret Yalav was called to Ankara for political consultations following the entry into force of the said law in spite of our high level initiatives with the Argentine authorities and a letter that our Prime Minister sent to H.E.  Nestor Kirschner, President of Argentina.

In this context, this problem has been duly evaluated by the Ministry with the participation of our Ambassador to Buenos Aires, as well as his predecessor. Following   the assessment of all the aspects of our bilateral relations with Argentina a number of measures were identified.

Furthermore, our Prime Minister and our Minister have received Ambassador Yalav and obtained detailed information on the subject matter.