NO:33; - 16 February 2007, Press Release Regarding;;“The Workshop for the Kosovo Minorities Consultative Council” (Unofficial Translation)


“The Workshop for the Kosovo Minorities Consultative Council” which gathers representatives of the communities in Kosovo, will be organized by the ECMI (European Center for Minority Issues) with the contributions of Turkey, in Antalya between 16-19 February 2007.

During the Workshop, the representatives of minority political parties in Kosovo, as well as other relevant experts -- among whom will be present Albanian, Bosnian, Serbian and Turkish communities -- will exchange views, on the process regarding the inclusion of human and minority rights in the Constitution and on the recent developments in Kosovo.

Turkey supports efforts that are based on conciliatory understanding of the international community, including the proposals of the UN Secretary General Special Representative Mr. Ahtisaari; and considers the Workshop that will take place in Antalya within this context.