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NO:130 -;12 September 2007, Press Release Regarding the Declarations of Greek Cypriot Leader;(Unofficial Translation)

It has been reported in the media that the Greek Cypriot leader who was the member of the former EOKA terrorist organization and who is known to be one of the drafters of the Akritas Plan which envisaged the ethnic cleansing of the Turkish Cypriots, has recently made declarations above and beyond himself, regarding Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces. In fact, these remarks cannot be taken seriously. It is widely known that Mr. Papadopulos is currently occupying the common Administration which was destructed by the Greek Cypriot side in 1964 in Cyprus. His efforts to hinder the achievement of peace by making such declarations would remain futile.

It is obvious that, following his rejection of the proposal by TRNC President Talat towards achieving a comprehensive settlement until the end of 2008 in their meeting on 5 September 2007 the Greek Cypriot leader is now attempting to distort the agenda.

The Turkish Armed Forces has been the safeguard of peace and stability in Cyprus and will remain to be so.